Strength Training

Strength training sessions are designed to impose increasingly greater resistance, by the use of free weights, machines, or the person's own body weight.

Group Cycling

A real life cycling experience, free of pedal jerks fueled by energizing music. Amazing cardio challenges, a ride that you can tailor to fit your own personal fitness level.


Kickboxing is a unique & fun filled workout that helps to burn calories, lose excess flab, boost energy, better posture, etc apart from giving a few lessons in self defense.

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells engage your entire body at once, unlike dumbbells or barbells they involve large number of repetitions and build strength and endurance.

Sport-specific Training

Workouts are an important part in training for sports. With our customized plan, our trainers help you achieve all aspects of fitness.

Fat-loss Programmes

You are on your way to cut down the fats and feel fit. Shed those extra kilos with our fat loss program specifically designed to meet all your needs.

Injury Rehab

Injuries are a part of any physical activity. This program helps you regain to your full strength following an injury or when recovering from a surgery.

Cardiovascular Training

Cardio vascular training is designed to increase your muscular endurance by improving the performance of your heart & lungs.

Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting helps to burn calories, lose excess flab and boost performance in sports & physical activities apart from improving strength, speed and agility.

Power Band Training

Power band training helps you in keeping your body in good shape by toning you abs and also improving body's flexibility.

TRX Suspension Training

The TRX Suspension Training is a workout system that leverages your body weight as well as gravity to perform hundreds of exercises.

Nutritional Counseling

With our nutritional experts & proper counseling, we customize your diet plan with a proper balance of all the nutrients needed by your body.

Muscle-gain Programmes

Muscle gain can be done with a right fitness regimen appropriate exercises & food intake. Our experts that include gym instructors and nutritional counselors ensure both.

Tri-Planar Exercise

Tri-planar exercises help your body to move in 3 basic movement directions. It helps you burn calories, have better body ordination and muscle strength.

Coffee Lounge

The in house coffee lounge for you to take a quick sip during your exercise routine or relax before and after your workouts.


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