Anatomy of an Excellent Nutrition Plan

If you want a great Nutrition plan, which will never let you down or go wrong then the rule of the thumb is to plan your diet around meats, fish and eggs. These contain a lot of quality calories, which are rich in class one proteins, vitamins, minerals and quality fats. Trust me; with this kind of a Nutrition Plan you can achieve your desired results.

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Inspirational story of Manoj Patil

Mr. Manoj Patil started working out at the age of 16. His inspiration to become a fitness athlete came by watching his elder brother exercise and since then he has never looked back. Fitness is his first love, when he was 19 years old he participated in his first event – Mr. Mumbai and grabbed a Gold medal. At the age of 21 years, he participated in Mr. India but unfortunately could reach only in the Top 15. In the same year, he participated in Mr. Maharashtra and managed to reach Top 5. Currently, he is a fitness model and Men’s Physique athlete and have recently bagged the overall title of Mr. India 2016 (IBBF) in Men’s Physique category.

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Inspirational story of Mazher Hamlaani

A skinny guy who was ignored and bullied, decided to take control of his life and health. Mr. Mazher "Mazi" Hamlaani has been relentlessly working out for years now. He always keeps achieving his fitness goals with each passing day. When he started working out, he used to do it for gaining attention of others, but soon he realized that doing this to prove someone else wrong only gives them the power, they always had over his mind. Instead of these things, he embraced fitness as his passion and never looked back. He did it for himself!

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Inspirational story of Vinayak Patil

Here is an example of a man who thinks it's better late than never, and begins his fitness journey by training day and night to make his mark in the state level fitness competitions. Calisthenics, cross fit and Power lifting were the categories that he thought was best fit for him and hence he decided to pursue his passion of becoming a fitness freak.

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Inspirational story of Mangesh Gawde

A fitness fanatic with a total experience of 20 years, the one who made up his mind to stay true to his passion no matter what. Mr. Mangesh Gawde stated participating in Men’s Physique Competition in the year 2014. Fit Factor @Body Power was my first ever event. This event was his life changing event which gave him a clear vision of what he needed to work on in the coming future. His dedication and continuous hard work helped him a lot to work on his goals. His family and all near and dear ones stood by him throughout his fitness journey and taught him to “Never Give Up”.

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Inspirational story of Uday Shetty

Uday Shetty's story is more like the youth of today looking in the mirror and saying, hey that's my story. Developing eating disorder at an early age with everything getting out of hand. Staying up late night and missing the morning sun, it was more like losing the grip over his own life. It was after gaining 20 kilos that he realized that things have got way out of his hand and something has to be done. The turning point was when a good friend of his was running a 4K and asked him to join. This idea of doing it together somehow made it less intimidating for him & then he started off with runs early morning followed by weight training in the evenings at a local gym. His serious dedication towards weight training and exercise made him confident on stepping onstage for his first professional competition in 2014 as a physique athlete.

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Inspirational story of Siddhant Jaiswal

In his initial days of fitness career, Mr. Siddhant Jaiswal used to sell water purifiers to support his passion. He started exercising in his own way at the age of 13. He used to go to an Akhada in his area where he used to see his seniors getting trained and follow them. Since his childhood, he loved fitness and was attracted towards this sport. His immense liking towards fitness led him to be a fitness athlete in his career. He never thought even once about achievements, glory, fame etc. He just liked it, got into it and did it.

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Inspirational story of Deepali Ogale

Ms. Deepali Ogale faced some early life struggles, as she was the only child to her mother and her mother was her only parent. Fitness was her passion from the beginning and with a tremendous support from her mother, she was able to achieve her passion as a profession. Her mother is a cardiologist by profession and is a great support to her and they stand by each other like a team. Ms. Deepali aspires to be an example and reach out to every woman and tell her that everything is possible with a lot of hard work and determination & no goal or profession is impossible.

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Inspirational story of Junaid Kaliwala

Mr. Junaid Kaliwala is a certified fitness expert. He is a men’s physique athlete by avocation and a transformation specialist by profession. His knowledge, experience, grounded nature and the hunger to learn makes him stand out in today’s competitive fitness world. He has done strength and conditioning certification and is also a certified kettle bell and functional trainer.

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Inspirational story of Iqbal Rashid Sayed

Mr. Iqbal Rashid Sayed, a Civil Engineer by profession, trains 3 hours a day, manages a responsible full-time job and has made the country proud at international levels with his unparalleled passion & zeal to succeed. He has become the first Indian to win a medal at Mr. Olympia. He was trained by Mr. Rakesh Udiyar, the same coach who was behind Aamir Khan’s recent Dangal transformation. Having completed an engineering and MBA degree, he entered professional fitness athletics only one year back. This particular journey garnered him immediate local success. He has been crowned as Junior Maharashtra Shree and Mr. Ghatkopar.

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Inspirational story of Karuna Waghmare

In the year 2009, Karuna Waghmare started her career into bodybuilding. Once while reading a fitness magazine (oxygen magazine), the cover page of it inspired her a lot. The cover page showcased a mother of six having six packs, seeing this she decided at that very moment to achieve that body. This inspiration motivated her to research more about bodybuilding and then she came to know that there are bodybuilding competitions for the girls too. At that point, she became more firm on representing our country in bodybuilding competitions.

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Science of Dietary Fats

A breakthrough in science & knowledge of dietary fats, carbohydrates & proteins and their association with heart diseases! Do dietary fats cause heart diseases? Do dietary carbohydrates protect the heart from life threatening diseases such as myocardial infarction? The traditional dogma says that all fats are bad for health and are responsible for heart diseases.

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Drop your cupcakes & pick up a dumbbell today!

There is no denying the fact that without resistance training one's fitness regime is incomplete irrespective of the gender. Human physiology is common to both the genders. Therefore, adaptation from exercise sessions is also common to both genders. Having said that, the level to which one adapts to the exercise session & specifically resistance training is different & rather modest in women than in men.

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Why do we get fat?

Why do we get fat? Is it due to how much we eat or is it about what we eat? If it is about how much we eat then it is the abundance of calories that is to blame for the phenomena? But if it is about what we eat then what is it that we should be eating to loose that suborn fat?What if gaining weight and becoming obese was not a character defect of individuals(obese) who have a tendency to grow fat easily. What if becoming obese was not about our inability to control ourselves when we see that cookie or muffin, but about specific foods that we eat which promotes such impulses to overeat and indulge us into eating more than required.

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Egg Yolks good for heart?

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your support and looking at the ever growing number of 48ers on our Facebook page is really overwhelming! We at 48 Fitness always work to give out the correct and unbiased advice based on the principles of scientific and critical thinking.
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Alcohol Myths & Facts

Does consuming moderate quantities of alcohol; say a glass of wine everyday really promotes your health? Read on to know the facts, clear bias and get informed!
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Good Food Standards!

Have you ever wondered if there were standards by which we could judge the foods we eat? Generally, whenever we are to make a decision on what to buy and consume, most of the time we would like to base it on some criteria which will allow us to make an informed decision.
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High Fructose Corn Syrup is DEADLY!

It is imperative you read the fine print before munching on those health supplements THEY SAID It is imperative to do the same for other manufactured food products, THEY NEVER SAID!! How often have we come across newspapers and other forms of media warning us about being wary of health supplements like protein powders?
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DISCOVER Groundbreaking Innovation in Cardio Workouts

Accordingly, we have come up with a dynamic plan to ensure that you have FUN while you are building up a sweating it out in your cardiovascular workouts. We have fully integrated and Wi-Fi-enabled entertainment features programmed into your gym experience, so you can watch your favorite TV channels, connect your android or Apple devices, watch movie videos , surf the web or chat with your friends on Facebook by accessing a touch-screen console with a tap of your finger. Also, each member will be given a unique login ID through which you can customize your entire cardiovascular workout experience to its pinnacle. This will also enable you to access your preset personalized menus from anywhere in the world.

LIFECYCLE GX Electrifying Group Cycling Experience

One of the major breakthroughs in group indoor cycling classes across the globe is the revolutionary magnetic technology employed by Life Fitness in the flywheel of the bike, which gives the user a real life-like cycling experience, free of peddle jerks that may lead to knee pathologies. Along with this feature, LifeCycle GX also boasts a highly advanced display console that helps track Heart Rate, Calories burnt, RPM, and many other statistics relating to your workout. These interactive features will redefine our members indoor cycling experience. lifecycle Top-end Weight Training Equipment We are also equipped with the most sought-after brands endorsed by renowned athletes and coaches, including the Life Fitness Signature Series, Cable Motion Technology Selectorized and Hammer Strength, which isolate targeted muscles for more specialized muscle hypertrophy training.

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