Vijay Thakkar - Founder and Director at 48 Fitness Speaks

Vijay Thakkar

Founder & Director, Angel Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

Add Variety, Multiply Motivation,
Subtract Monotony & Divide Routine.

Dear Fitness Aspirant,

We understand our member’s pulse & because we understand it so well, we always strive to bring innovation on the table that will raise their pulse, excite their grey cells & burn their fat cells!

We really want to encourage our members to make fitness their lifestyle because we strongly believe that it is the only approach by which they will enhance their health & fitness. Having said that, considering the hectic work schedules & stressed lifestyles of people in today's digital & highly competitive age. One cannot help but be engrossed in finding solution to these stresses! While one may perceive this search for a solution to the problems as a means to alleviate the stresses in life. This perception is only a mirage & a proximate solution to a bigger problem we face. In today's time, the biggest problem we are dealing with is that of the problem of an accelerated deterioration of our fitness & health due to a bad & sedentary lifestyle!

Also, there is no doubting the reality that an average time that a problem stays with a person is really insignificant to his lifespan. Therefore, the real matter of concern for us is not the problems that come & go for which we work very hard to find solutions but it is the bigger problem of deterioration of one's health in the long run due to lack of physical activity, which is of a real concern for us, and finding a cure for it is the ultimate solution! Consequently, to tackle this bigger problem, one has to exercise consistently.

Moreover, one has to keep himself in peak physical conditions at all times for one's mind to focus on working effective solutions to life & work related problems. This peak physical conditioning can only be achieved through bouts of physical activity done consistently. Additionally, if one wishes to age gracefully, live an active, fun filled retirement & minimize aging related degenerative diseases then it’s prudent that one starts pursuing an active lifestyle as early as possible!

Time & again, extensive research studies conducted on the subject of exerciser’s motivation & exercise psychology have confirmed that a significant factor in one’s ability to stay active & be disciplined with it is one's experience of the process of exercising & the results that one gets through the exercising process! Moreover, these research studies have repeatedly documented that for one's willingness to be positively influenced to exercise consistently, it is important that one’s motivation, enjoyment & experience of exercising continues to stay positive.

One of the potent & successful ways of making these exercising experiences positive, better & enjoyable is by exercising in a group with friends & peers, who share the similar schedules & experiences, compete & complete the exercise schedule together. Furthermore,

these studies have also demonstrated a positive influence of an engaging, innovative & hygienic ambiance on exerciser’s performance & his motivation to push the limits, which inevitably amplifies the results he achieves from exercising.

Also, achieving the desired results from exercising keeps the exerciser motivated to never miss his workout regimen ever again! Keeping these key takeaways from these studies into perspective we at 48 Fitness have engineered the group studio in such a unique way that it always enhances an exerciser’s motivation & maximize his workout intensity, allowing him to be the best that he can be, achieve fitness results & be a life winner!

Finally, we as a brand really appreciate the fact that versatility in your regimen will augment your outlook towards fitness & we want to see you taking your fitness & fat loss results to the next level! Hence, we have launched something very unique, exciting & innovative offering for you, the Group X Studio! Happy Exercising!

Best Wishes,

Vijay Thakkar

Founder & Director, Angel Wellness Pvt. Ltd.


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